8 Features that Effective School and Afterschool Management Systems Include

School management systems are all the rage. They are effective in streamlining the processes involved in managing a school or afterschool facility. Everything from enrollment to report cards to progress and fee payments can be done through these systems. They are very handy. For this type of programs or software to be rated effective, they need to have certain features. These include:

Electronic rollcall. An electronic rollbook saves teachers a lot of time. The teacher simply needs to note who is absent instead of ticking or crossing every student’s presence. The rollbook does the necessary calculations at the end of the term and saves the teacher a lot of time.

Should be cloud-based. Cloud-based systems make it easy for teachers to access information that they traditionally only have access to at school. This makes it easier for them to work from anywhere and use their time more effectively. Cloud use is secure and there should be no concern for safety or security of documents or information.

Electronic noticeboard. The electronic noticeboard makes communication with the faculty and staff much easier. Events and notices can be posted or sent to the electronic noticeboard and everyone will receive it. Staff can even reply to these notices. This noticeboard is very effective for communication between and with faculty members.

Google Calendar. Synchronization with Google Calendar is a great feature. If a system can offer this synchronization, it will make life much easier for many people. One calendar to see all personal and school events is the best.

Class list distribution. A good school management software system will be able to generate and print lists of students according to different parameters. For example, who takes the bus, who is in a certain percentile, age groups, etc. Schools need to send lists like this to different organizations and teachers need to send lists to administrators. A good system makes this process easy and fast.

Search options for database. A search option makes it easier to find information on a specific child. This is especially handy in case of an emergency when parents need to be phoned. Instead of having to go through long lists of students, a search option will give you the necessary information quickly.

Storage for documents. A good system will also allow for document storage. This will be a GoogleDrive or GoogleDocs type feature. The ability to save school policies or regulations in a place where all teachers can access it is very valuable. It can also be used to save reports or assessment results. This could make document access much more convenient.

Money collection database. Throughout the school year, students often need to give teachers money for different things. A good system will allow the teacher to enter and manage the funds coming in from each child and also manage where the money goes.

These are only a few features that these school management software systems offer. Different creators include different features based on the functions of the school that they want to target. The above features will come in handy for any school or afterschool system and management.

What Characteristics Do Highly Effective School Management Software Systems Have?

A school or afterschool facility can be tough to manage. There are so many systems and functions involved that need to be managed and monitored simultaneously. More and more schools are implementing school management software to help make their systems and administration processes more efficient. Based on this, we thought it a good idea to gather some essential characteristics of school management systems.

1. Student information – Effective school management software gives easy access to student information. Teachers can access any details they need without a problem. Information like grades, address, family history, health issues, accounts, etc. should all be easily accessible to teachers and managers.

2. Teacher information – Good software allows teachers or instructors to manage their admin more effectively and have access to records and activities without any hassle. A teacher’s class schedule, reports, and activities can be easily accessed with a good software system. Management software can make a teacher’s job much easier.

3. Access for parents – The ability for parents to follow their child’s school activities, progress and dates is very important in today’s busy schedules. An effective system allows parents to access to information about their child’s grades, progress, attendance, and any disciplinary problems. It also makes it easy for parents and teachers to communicate and to ensure that parents receive report cards.

4. Easy communication – Another important characteristic of good school management software is the ability to send e-mails, text messages, or voice messages to parents. This makes communication more efficient and less time-consuming. These systems have templates and possible bulk SMS capabilities that allow messages to be sent to a select group of parents or the whole school.

5. Streamline report cards – A good system can help teachers complete report cards faster by compiling and processing the data available. The system uses data that has already been updated for each student and calculates the final marks and populates a template that forms the report card. This saves teachers and administrators a lot of time.

6. Managing attendance – School management software can make the process of recording attendance and keeping parents informed effortless. Marking students that are present in small blocks are time-consuming and leave room for error. These systems offer fast and effective online attendance pages that make the process go much faster and reduces the possibility for error. It also helps teachers to be able to send attendance information to parents without delays.

7. Financial characteristics – Effective school management software allows the tracking and monitoring of school fee payments, online payments, accounts unsettled, etc. Online billing makes paying school fees very easy for parents and helps administrators keep effective records.

If you are looking to implement school management software at your school or afterschool facility, consider these characteristics. Read reviews and find out which of these characteristics the software offers. Based on the information you gather, you should be able to choose the system that will be most suitable for your school.

Infographic by: zeneducation.co.uk