The 5 Core Areas That Afterschool Programs Focus on to Help Children Reach Their Potential

Afterschool programs are great for developing children’s physical and academic abilities. It also helps your child learn and develop interpersonal, communication, and social skills. Most afterschool programs, especially the Boys and Girls Clubs, have 5 core areas that they focus on with their activities. The 5 core programs are:

1. Education, Technology and Career Development

Facilities to do homework with supervision is provided. There is staff who can answer questions and assist the children with problem areas or things they don’t understand. Tutors are also available. Most of these clubs have computer labs that teach children computer skills that are a must for the 21st century.

2. The Arts

The arts are a very important part of any child’s development. It stimulates and encourages creativity and free thinking. It allows children to find themselves and express themselves in ways that make them feel good. Both performing and visual arts are used in afterschool programs. This is great for developing fine motor skills, confidence, and being comfortable with yourself.

3. Health and Life Skills

The afterschool programs also include education on different health and safety issues. It also helps to develop life skills that children need to use at school, at home, and later in life. The programs include topics like drug and alcohol prevention, bully prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, general health and hygiene practices, anger management, and resolving problems. Children who have this information and learn these skills are far less likely to get into trouble or be victimized.

4. Sports, Fitness and Recreation

The physical activity programs vary from sports to outdoor survival. Children learn to play sports like soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and others. Other activities involve survival skills, appreciating nature, and general fitness. These programs are essential for physical development, motor development, stress release, fresh air, social skills, and learning to do something other than sit in front of a screen to relax.

5. Character and Leadership Development

These programs teach respect, leadership skills, and a positive self-image. It encourages children to get involved in their community and to take part in the democratic process. This teaches them to build and maintain good relationships.