The Boys and Girls Club of North Central Massachusetts is an afterschool club for children and teenagers aged 8 to 18. The club offers several activities that center around entrepreneurship, science, maths, sustainability, responsibility, and technology. The programs offered are age-appropriate and developed to help the children reach their potential.

BGC NCMA believes that children need the tools and skills to be self-sufficient and be able to look after themselves. They also believe that afterschool learning opportunities are the best way for children to stay out of trouble and develop their potential. When school gets out, the children and teenagers go to BGC and have fun while they learn.

All the programs are centered to specifically develop skills and understanding in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology, science, and maths. Ways to learn responsibility and self-sufficiency are incorporated in all the programs. The programs are well-rounded and all the members have had great results in their school work and other areas.

Children are the future leaders, inventors, and hope of the future. With great knowledge, tools, skills, and a sense of self they will make this world great. This is what the Boys and Girls Club of North Central Massachusetts aim to do. Any children or teenagers between the ages of 8 and 18 are welcome to join the club. See the Join Us page for more information.