5 Things Parents Should do to Help Their Children Become Confident Individuals

Confidence is one of the most important things that you will ever teach your child. A child who is confident will do well at school, have healthy relationships, take initiative, help others, and be less likely to get in trouble. There are different ways to help your child build his or her confidence. We made a list of a few things.

Love. Love your child. Even though this seems like a given, it is very important. Your child should feel loved, appreciated, safe, and acknowledged.

Praise. Give praise where praise is due. It is important for a child to feel that their efforts are validated and that their creations and attempts are valued. Not everything they try will be successful and you need to make sure they know that it is OK if you’re not great at some things.

Self-talk. Positive self-talk is essential for success. This needs to come from you so your child can follow your example. You need to practice positive self-talk and praise yourself when you do something good. Your children will learn to do the same.

Goals. Help your children to set realistic goals based on their abilities. Some goals might not be in their reach and you should help them realize this and focus on something else they can do. Never crush their dreams, but help them understand that some things might just not be possible.

Resilience. Teach your children to be resilient. Everyone fails or does poorly on a test at some point. It is important that your children know that they must not give up. They need to learn to keep trying and not give up. When they perform less than desired or expected, help them to understand what steps they can take to improve.

This is only a few points to consider. Don’t forget the importance of independence and exploration, physical activities, and sticking to your rules.